Lottery Sambad Result 4:00 PM – Lottery Sambad Evening Result

 4 PM Today Noon Lottery Sambad Result 

Lottery Sambad Evening Result Nagaland: Sambad lottery now becomes one of the most popular lottery systems in India. The lucky draw of this lottery took place three times a day.

This is one of the reasons which make Sambad popular. Also it is very important to know that from which part of India your ticket belongs when you are searching for the lottery result.


It is not just popular in any specific state of India but everywhere including West Bengal and Nagaland etc. While the three times are equally important for the players but among them, the 4 Pm lottery or evening lottery is quite popular.
  • Sunday
  • Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
  • Monday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
  • Thursday
  • Dear Bangashree Ichamati
  • Friday
  • Dear Bangashree Damodar
  • Saturday
  • Dear Bangabhumi Ajay

 Lottery Sambad Evening Result 4 PM 

Lottery sambad evening result: A person from Nagaland who has purchased the evening lottery ticket must search for the lottery sambad evening result Nagaland to get the lottery sambad 4 pm live.

Why? to get the instant update about the winners. For many people, the winning numbers also work in term of prediction.

So, even if they do not win the lucky draw, they look for the results and list of winners to generate the lucky lottery number for the next draw or next day lucky draw.

 Lottery Sambad 4 pm PDF 

For every state of India, the result is available in PDF file on the majority of online websites. So if you are looking for lottery sambad 4 pm west Bengal, then you must get ready to download the pdf file. It can easily download and access-able.

Here I have specifically mentioned the Nagaland because Sambad lottery is more popular there. Even most of the people reach on our website uses the lottery sambad 4pm Nagaland keyword.

14 October 2019 Sambad Lottery Evening Result 4pm

Lottery Sambad Today Result 4pm PDF Download

14-10-2019  Sambad Lottery PDF Download

14 October 2019 Sambad Lottery Evening Result 4pm

Updated: October 14, 2019 — 10:58 am


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