Lottery Sambad Result 8:00 PM – Nagaland State Lottery Night 2019

 8 PM Today Night Lottery Sambad Result 

Lottery Sambad Today Result 8PM: Sambad is being one of the most popular lottery systems in India. Not just in small states but also in the major cities of India; people are so much crazy about this lottery. The main reason which attracts people toward Sambad is the number of prize and number of lucky drawn.

There are small prizes too but every person who participates in this lucky draw wants to win the first prize. Even if you are not the lucky one to win the first time, you always can enjoy the number of small prizes.

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  • Dear Falcon Evening
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  • Dear Eagle Evening
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  • Dear Parrot Evening
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Thursday
  • Dear Hawk Evening
  • Friday
  • Dear Ostrich Evening
  • Saturday
  • Dear Vulture Evening

 Lottery Sambad Today 8PM Result Live : If you are the one who plays lottery sambad, then you must be searching for the “lottery sambad today 8PM” because it is the time when the winners of this lottery have been announced.

Like other lotteries in India, there have been three lucky draws of sambad lottery took place every day. Among then the lottery sambad night result is most famous.

Lottery Sambad Today 8PM (DEAR VULTURE EVENING)

Nagaland State Lottery Night 14-10-2019

Lottery Sambad Today Result 8pm PDF Download

 14 October 2019 Lottery Sambad Today 8pm

 14 October 2019 Lottery Sambad Today 8pm

The lottery sambad today 8pm result is famous because of the prize size. The lucky winners of Nagaland state lottery night can 25 lakh rupees.


Updated: October 14, 2019 — 2:53 pm


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