Lottery Sambad Result 11:55 AM – Lottery Sambad Morning Result

 11:55 AM Today Morning Lottery Sambad Result 

Lottery Sambad Morning: The right time to check the morning result is 11 AM. This is the time when the lucky draw took place and list of winners has been made and made available for the people. The popular term which can help you to get the morning lottery result today is lottery sambad morning result today.

The morning result of the lucky draw took place at 11 am.So, whether you are living in Goa state Rajshree or Nagaland, you need to search for Rajshree lottery sambad 11 am and Nagaland state lottery today result to get an instant update about the winners.

Weekly Draw Schedule Names

  • Monday
  • Dear Loving Morning
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Sincere Morning
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Faithful Morning
  • Thursday
  • Dear Kind Morning
  • Friday
  • Dear Tender Morning
  • Saturday
  • Dear Gentle Morning
  • Sunday
  • Dear Affectionate Morning


Lottery sambad 11am today result: means that you will the list of today results only. To get the list of previous lucky draws, you need to check the history of the lucky draws and their winners.

 Is Rajshree Lottery Sambad and Nagaland Result Has The Same result? 

No, every state has different results and a different list of lucky winners. The lottery system works the same everywhere. The results have been also announced at the same time but still, the winners and results are different.

Lottery Sambad Morning 11AM Result 14.10.2019  

Sambad Lottery Today Result 11:55 AM PDF Download

14 October 2019 Sambad Lottery Today Morning Result 11:55 AM

Lottery Sambad Morning 11AM Result 14.10.2019  

Updated: October 14, 2019 — 6:50 am


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  1. 73 D29594
    50 lak dada
    50.50 hoba

  2. This was one of my dreams to have my own place with good furniture, a beautiful and stylish design. Simple but elegant. This is the main reason why I am so fond of buying the tickets, it gives me hope that if I won, I will have the opportunity to build my dream house.

  3. Hey bhagwan mere ko 1cr dela do lotarey kat kat k vikary ho gaya hoo plese bhagwan

  4. Tera jitna rupea ha sob lotery me lagade. 1st praze milaga or nehi milaga to tu burbok.

  5. Khali taka gulo borbad hoche

  6. 0.00000000000000000001% only winners by lottery.

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